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Beautiful fit woman in heels reading book
Once upon a time, I was a good girl, scratch that… I was the BEST girl.

Top of my class in undergrad, sorority president and summa cum laude out of law school. Married my college sweetheart, the fifth person I had sex with because everyone knows if you sleep with more than five guys you are a slut. Big house in the suburbs with a picket fence, the fucking American Dream. Spoiler, turns out the American dream is my nightmare. 

The problem is I don’t dream as much as I fantasize. I am a sexy blonde with a fit body and enhanced breasts, but the most attractive thing about me is my mind. I close my eyes and am transported to a black-tie gala.  I am wearing a couture dress, slit all the way up my thigh showing a peak of carefully curated lingerie, finished with black Louboutin pumps. I catch the eye of two men at the bar and we flirt all night. I invite them both back to my hotel suite where they take turns spoiling me all night long.    

After a decade of being unhappy despite seemingly having it all, I blew up my life. I got divorced and moved into my own place, complete with a pink velvet couch and canopy bed with restraints. As fate would have it, the universe rewarded my decision. I met the sexiest, smartest, kinkiest man. On our first date, we immediately had sex and laying in our post-coital embrace I let him know I could never be monogamous again and I really needed to live out my fantasies. We shared our deepest secrets and desires, and fell hard and fast. From that day on, he became my sex sherpa, guiding me through our shared fantasies and making my wildest dreams come true. Three years later, we are married and turns out you can turn a hoe into a housewife… you just have to host orgies in your basement.


I'm here to share with you all of my past adventures, sexy happenings and biggest fantasies. I hope you enjoy my dirty little mind as much as I do. I hope to publish one new story under Memoirs on my Members page every week. It is free to join and all are welcome. 




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