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Tenzing Norgay

Blonde topless in red lingerie on tub

“Tenzing Norgay,” J said confidently. 

“Who the fuck is Tenzing Norgay?” I ask, dumbfounded. 

“Everyone remembers Sir Edmond Hillary, the first man to summit Everest, but no one talks about 

the reason he was able to do it. Tenzing Norgay, the greatest sherpa to ever live.” 

“I still don’t understand how this relates to my sex life?” I confess.

“I summit every fantasy with you, we will climb each peak together. It will be amazing,” J says sincerely.

“That is the most romantic thing anyone has ever said to me. Seriously? I can just tell you my fantasies and we can climax them together?”

“Yes, but only if you promise to stop using mountaineering puns,” he smiles.

“I think I can manage that. First things first, I really want to learn how to squirt. I want to train my body to know how to get to that feeling reliably. Then I want to do it often.”

“I am on it. This is my new mission in life,” he says as he slowly moves his head down to my pussy and takes off my underwear with his teeth. He deliberately moves his head up my thigh, kissing each inch he travels, until he gets to my clit. He stops to lick me. Slow and soft at first, building harder and faster as he goes on. I start to moan and tingle. He slides two fingers inside of me so swiftly that I almost orgasm from the surprise alone. The combination of him fingering me with deliberate pressure curved up towards my g-spot, and his tongue on my clit makes me feel vaguely like I need to pee. I sit with that feeling for a second until it gives way to a gush of explosive release. It feels so fucking good in my pussy and the feeling washes over my entire body. I tremble softly and succumb to the bliss. I feel weirdly proud and grateful for the squirt I am sitting in. This man is going to take me on an epic adventure and I am so excited. 

“So that is exactly what I am talking about. I need to do that – like several times a day” I add with a sarcastic smile. He leans in for a kiss and I can still taste myself on his lips. He whispers into my ear: “Done.” 

He then rolls off of me and grabs his phone to start scrolling. I am confused. 

“What are we looking for?”

“We are going to find the best sex toy to make you squirt anytime you want to. Here, look at this. It’s called the NJoy stainless steel dildo. It looks like Tiffany’s made a sex toy,” J says as he hands me the phone.

“A TIFFANY sex toy?!” I exclaim as I behold the most beautiful dildo I have ever seen. It is made of solid steel; it gleams like silver. It is softly arched with two balls at either end, one small and one large. 

“I don’t want this, I NEED this. Where can we get one?” 

“I just paid extra to have it delivered. It should hopefully be here within the next few hours,” J says matter-of-factly. 

“In the meantime, let’s work on the rest of our fantasy bucket list.” He grabs my hand and leads me to the living room. I am giddy with excitement. 

We daydream about all of the fantasies we want to share together. It’s like my birthday and Christmas rolled into one. There is something about the connection that we have. It feels like our souls have done this before and are just picking up where we left off. Having zero expectations about where this relationship will go beyond this sexual adventure is so liberating. It allows us to be completely free and unabashed in our vulnerability with one another. 

“Besides squirting on demand, what else have you always wanted to try but have never gotten to?” J asks eagerly. 

“I really love women, but I have never been with one. I need to experience what it is like to kiss a woman. To feel her lips and then move down to her vagina. To press my fingers inside of her and watch her cum,” I admit. 

J is visibly flushed and I can tell that he enjoys this fantasy as he scribbles it down on paper. 

“Is this a solo fantasy?” he asks. 


“Definitely requires my sherpa. After I am done pleasuring her, I want to watch you make her cum,” I say as I lean in for a kiss. 


“She will be the center of attention and it will be so sexy to watch you both together. Looking forward to that visual.” J is awash with a sexy smile, his long dark hair falling over his eye while he writes. 

“Also, I like being the center of attention,” I admit. “How would you feel about a threesome with another guy?” I want you both to focus on me. I want to feel what it is like to have a dick in my mouth while I am fucked from behind.” 


“I feel great about it,” he says without hesitation.  


I am so turned on that I feel my vagina tingle in anticipation. Can I really do these things? I have dreamt of them, I masturbate to them, but what would it be like to do them? The thought of it happening for real gives me a new found excitement for life. My blissful daydreaming is interrupted by a knock at the door. J answers it and heads back to the living room with a box in hand. 


J hands me the box and I am so surprised by the weight of it that I drop it on my foot. The box crushes my big toe, and I laugh with embarrassment and excitement. 


“Holy shit. This thing must weight 5 pounds.” I sit down on the couch to open the box. 


“2.2 pounds,” he says confidently. 


Inside the box is a smaller, sleek black box. I open it and pull the heavy wand out of its’ silk lining. I adore how it looks and feels. It is substantial and slightly cold from the evening spring air. I cannot wait to feel it inside of me. Neither of us says a word and we get up and move towards the bedroom.


We lay a few towels under the canopy of my bed and I slowly undress. At this point it feels slightly like a science experiment and partly like a porn scene. Either way, I am into it. J runs the silver wand under warm water. I lay down and watch as he puts some lube on the large end and then some on my vagina, and pushes it gently inside of me. He tilts it back slightly and rocks it in and out a few times slowly. 


“How does this feel,” he asks.


I cannot answer with words because almost instantaneously my pussy gushes with an enormous eruption of cum. There is a stream of squirt coming out of me and I am having the most intense orgasm of my life. 


“Don’t stop,” I scream as I grip the bed with my hands and arch my back. My whole body is on fire with electric excitement. My body feels like the snap crackle pop of Rice Krispies meeting milk. My vagina feels like it may explode again as it contracts around the warm steel. I start gushing a second time, creating a new pool of cum beneath me. It feels like I have unlocked a new level of orgasm. I cannot believe my body is capable of feeling such intense pleasure. 


J is equally astounded. All he can manage to say is “wow.” He looks at me with a giant smile and we both revel in the amount of cum my body just produced. My pussy is so wet and alive with pleasure. I feel like a sex goddess. 


“It will feel even better when you fuck me,” I whisper, as I pull him towards me and hungrily take his pants off. He is already hard and his dick slides inside of me effortlessly, I’m so wet. Our fucking makes the most delicious sound as he drives deeper inside of me. He tilts my hips up and puts my legs over his shoulders. He pushes so deep that I let out a low moan. I feel my body building towards another orgasm. Each thrust is intentional and deep, I want all of him inside of me. I wish he could go even deeper, fill me up even more. I am insatiable. 


“I want to take two cocks inside my pussy at the same time” I exclaim breathlessly. Admitting that dirty thought pushes me over the edge. The sheer intensity of my orgasm ejects his dick from my pussy. At the same time, he erupts all over my stomach, a giant load punctuated with a loud grunt of release. He crumbles onto the bed next to me. 


We are both spent and dazed. I have no thoughts, which is ordinarily an impossible task for my busy mind. I am simply wet and engulfed in happiness. My heart bursts with gratitude and joy, and I wish that this moment could last forever. 


“I wish that this moment could last forever,” J says quietly as he grabs my hand and squeezes before gently giving it a kiss. 


“I was literally just thinking the same thing.” How do I already feel so close to this man? He is like an old pair of jeans that fit me perfectly. So comfortable they feel like a part of me. “I am in trouble,” I think to myself as I sneak into the crook of his arm. He wraps me in a hug and I place my arm on his chest. 


“I think we should have some ground rules for our expedition,” I suggest.


“That is a great idea. Rule number one has to be honesty.”


“Radical honesty. We tell each other what we want, what we are thinking, what we are feeling. We don’t let resentment or fear fester,” I add. 


“Exactly. Communication has to be rule number two. We have to maintain open dialogue about our expectations and boundaries for every experience,” J suggests. 


How have I never realized how hot and empowering open communication is?  “I love that! I think that teamwork has to be our third rule. If one of us is a no to something, we both are a no. We come and leave together. Teamwork makes the dreamwork,” I say a little too enthusiastically. 


J laughs at my earnestness. “Ok, well, if we are going to get corny then in the wise words of Kanye, ‘deception is the only felony, so never fuck nobody without tellin me.’” 


“No sins as long as there’s permission.” I rap back. “But also condoms are a must. Have no problems sharing, but not about to share an STD.” 


“One hundred percent,” he nods his head in affirmation. “I think the kids these days are calling this ethical non-monogamy.” 


“Has a nice ring to it. So does Tenzing,” I say as I smile and tilt my head up for a kiss.   



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